Sacramento HypnoBirthing®   A beautiful, natural, drug-free experience

Using hypnosis your childbirth experience can be easier, more comfortable and drug-free.

Childbirth through hypnosis is one of the fastest growing approaches to birthing children the natural way. With HypnoBirthing® techniques you will learn how to find an inner peace that you can rely on during the birthing experience.

You can be in control when you give natural birth to your baby.

With HypnoBirthing® your baby will be born in an atmosphere of calm relaxation. Your body will be free of the fear and tension that prevents your birthing muscles from functioning as nature intended.

The pain and discomfort often felt during childbirth is a result of stress, anxiety and fear. When those outside influences are removed using HypnoBirthing® techniques the pain is diminished also. See our newest testimonial down below in the "NEWS" section!

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You can relax your body during child birth, and actually enjoy the experience of bringing your baby into the world.

Using the techniques of HypnoBirthing®, pioneered by Marie Mongan, you allow your body to relax through the birthing process. You will welcome each surge, feeling peaceful... relaxed... and even smile as your baby comes closer to you!

Birthing couples around the world validate the benefits of preparing for the birth of their child through the HypnoBirthing® education classes. [learn more]


Let yourself enjoy this miraculous experience. The mind is a powerful tool when you know how to direct it. Child birthing can be a wonderful experience for you and your baby.

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"We Welcome with Love"

I can't tell you how amazing and affirming the birth was. I still get teary and joyful thinking about it… once it started it was about four hours… My favorite memory is everyone…midwife, nurses, my mom, my doula friend, So gentle and quiet and then when I was breathing her out I could hear Alan breathing alongside me. I just felt incredible, and Lila was so calm and alert... I can't thank you enough—it’s really was such a gift, such a beautiful birth, such a terrific end to a rough pregnancy, and such a wonderful way to start our life with Lila.

Love and thanks from
Heather, Craig, Alan, and Lilac


Hypnosis To Get Pregnant??

See how some women are turning to hypnosis to get pregnant. " some women swear the mind-over-matter technique is helping them get pregnant...fertility hypnosis, a new complementary therapy that is gaining popularity."

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Painless Pregnancy

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